Afriwood Film Academy Awards: are set of awards given annually for recognition of excellence in African Cinematic Achievements in Diaspora. The awards are given strictly based on merit. It is organized and overseen by Afriwood Film Academy Association (AFAA).

Afriwood Film Academy Association (AFAA): is a symbolic organization run by elite AFRICAN filmmakers and consortium of professionals that understand the fundamentals of film-making, film-critiquing and film-rating. Afriwood Film Academy Association (AFAA) main focus is for general upkeep of African Film Industry in DIASPORA (AFID) based on merit to retain, motivate, nurture, educate, improve, and most importantly recognize excellence in art from all five branches of filmmaking, including, producers, actors, directors, writers and technicians.

Mission Statement: To run a prestigious annual recognition based award ceremony and social networking events for African Film Industry in Diaspora (AFID).

To submit films for Afriwood Film Academy Awards, the film owners are deemed to have conveyed to AFAA the right to choose excerpts from the film at the AFAA’s sole discretion, for incorporation into the Afriwood Film Academy Awards telecast for the year in which the film is in competition.

Films should be submitted to AFAA in a high-definition DVD format, no later than 20 days following the nominations announcements. The Academy will maintain the DVD under tight security.

Fill the form below and send  2 preview copies in high-definition DVD format  to our office:

Afriwood Film Academy Awards: AFAA Awards
1132 Tomahawk Drive
Dallas, Texas 75253

Follow this link to fill film submission form:


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